Production of the membrans from 12" to 24" for MAXX machines ( VMI ) for rubber fitting macgines for tire industy
      Production of o-rings for special purpose of EPDM, NBR, silicone and viton.
      Production for auto industy
      Set of central mechanism of viton for HERBERT presses for the tire industy.
      Products of rubber and metal for special purpose: viton-bronze, silicone-aluminum, rubber-steel.
      Production of silicone gaskets for vacuum molding system with two-piece caps in the tire industry
• Upper (fixid) ring 8"-19"
• Bottom (mobile) ring 8
• External gasket 25
• Silicone for air breathing plugs
      Silicone rubber under the knife gor slope cutting for belt maker machine (VMI)
      Coatings and impellers for the mining industry
      Dried products
      Rubber rolling
      Production of parts  for speafic returnable containers in auto industy
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