Providing products and services to our customers, with permanently controlled quality, with constant care for the environment, health, and safety of our employees as well as users of our products and services, is an indispensable motto of the organization "GUMOMETAL" SZR Pirot and is woven into the way of thinking and behaving of all employees. This approach to business is the basis for the successful direction of all business activities, at all levels of management and operational professional work, with the goal to achieve the following QMS Policy:

• Quality of delivered products and provided services - provides full benefits to customers.
• Fulfilling all real and objective requirements of users and whenever possible applying the principle of "do more" which builds trust.
• Customer satisfaction with delivered products and provided services must constantly increase.
• Nurturing proactive partnerships with all users based on mutual trust and loyalty, with the long-term goal that good contacts remain as an opportunity for new successful cooperation.

• Continuous, controlled growth and development of the organization "GUMOMETAL" SZR Pirot, with cost optimization.
• Use of international standards in business with continuous improvement of working conditions and processes.
• Building and maintaining a recognizable reputable business image of the organization, is the business commitment of all employees, which allows us to operate business responses to the highest market demands at all levels of business.

• Employees are the most important resource, and we provide them a sense of security, loyalty and belonging to the organization "GUMOMETAL" SZR Pirot.
• The individuality of each employee is respected, and teamwork is actively promoted.
• Constantly invests in the development of employees through training and education, with the aim of increasing professional and specialist knowledge.

• Developing partnership relations with suppliers and other stakeholders and their direct and indirect involvement in the working process in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system.        
All employees of the organization "GUMOMETAL" SZR Pirot, are familiar with this Policy and have a clear idea of ​​the stated goals to be pursued.
This Policy is available and public, so that all interested parties can see the strategic commitments of the organization "GUMOMETAL" SZR Pirot.
It is periodically revised and reviewed (at least once a year) with employees, and any changes will be announced immediately.
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